How do you combine two videos on Windows Movie maker(On Windows XP)?

Answer i think you want a transition called comp a add bhere's the html code:

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How can I combine two videos using windows movie maker?

1. Import video file into Windows Movie Maker.2. Drag and drop video clips into Timeline frame.3. Using CTRL to select two or more clips and then click Clip in the upper bar. In the drop down menu,... Read More »

How to combine 2 video together on Windows Live Movie maker?

Hi Waleed: The short answer is that you can't do that effect in Windows Movie Maker. It's a basic, beginner's level editor (and free), so it is limited in what it can do. The "video in a small bo... Read More »

Convert mpeg4 videos recorded on ipod into avi videos for windows movie maker?

How to put youtube videos on windows movie maker?

first you take the URL of the youtube video you want to put in windows movie maker. then you go to and click on "skip to" and then click "convert online video".past... Read More »