How do you combine precedent cells in Excel while preserving data values?

Answer It would have been better if you had supplied the actual values and/or formulas and cell references that you are talking about in your example.Without that to go on, it is possible, but it usually ... Read More »

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How to Graph Data With Similar Values in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application that enables you to display data in a variety of manners, including the use of built-in chart types. If you have data with similar values that y... Read More »

How Can I Merge Two Columns of Data Using Microsoft Excel & Eliminate Duplicate Values?

When you work with data columns in Microsoft Excel, you may encounter a situation where you need to combine two columns of data and delete any duplicate records found in both columns. This type of ... Read More »

How do I use codes to enter data in cells of Microsoft Excel?

Use Excel auto functionsOpen an Excel 2007 workbook. Use a "SUM" formula to add two cells and create a third cell that will automatically populate with the sum. Enter a number in cell "A1" and "B1.... Read More »

Can you transfer data from Outlook to Excel and have Excel lay out the data in a calendar format?

There is is no easy way to do what you are requesting.It might be easier to use MS-Access for this, since it would be much easier arranging and handling the data..