How do you clear a computers history?

Answer Follow these simple instructions:…

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The History of PC Computers?

The modern PC (or personal computer) has changed the world forever. It seems to have sparked the information age all by itself, but the PC is really just one link in a chain that goes back much fur... Read More »

Can web history clear itself?

Web history can clear itself every time a user turns a computer off depending on the computer's setting. In the "Tools" tab located at the top of the web brower's toolbar (Internet Explorer, for ex... Read More »

How do i clear my history?

Do you mean your internet browser history? You'll need to tell us what browser you are using -- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari...which one? We will have a hard time answering this question with... Read More »

The History of Computers in the 1800s?

Computers did not suddenly appear in the late 20th century. They have been around since ancient times. We have used counting devices such as the abacus and the Salamis Tablet since 300 B.C. Blaine ... Read More »