How do you clean your contact lenses?

Answer If you are one of the millions of people who wear contact lenses to correct vision problems, you're probably already aware that it's important to keep your contacts clean. But you may not know that... Read More »

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How to Clean Contact Lenses?

Drop your contact lens(es) accidentally? Read this and know how to be sure they're completely clean before using again.

How to Clean Residue Off of Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses provide a convenient way to improve your vision or enhance your eye color. Because the lenses are placed directly onto your eye, proper cleaning and care is necessary to avoid infect... Read More »

How should I clean disposable Contact Lenses?

Wash your hands and take one contact out at a time (just to make it easier). Put one or two drops of solution on each side and gently rub the lens. Then quickly rinse it with more solution. Place t... Read More »

How to Power Clean Soft Contact Lenses?

Contacts sometimes seem to get dirtier faster than they're supposed to. This is a way of getting the protein buildup off.