How do you clean up a gasoline spill on carpet?

Answer About a month ago gasoline spilled in my car when I was bringing home a small tank full for my lawn mower. I thought I would never get the overpowering gasoline smell out, but here is what worked f... Read More »

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How to Clean up a Small Gasoline Spill?

A gasoline spill, no matter how small, is a serious problem and a safety risk. However, there are a few things you can do to clean a spill safely and quickly using materials that may already be lyi... Read More »

How to Clean a Bleach Spill on Carpet?

Essentially, recoloring carpet after it has been spotted accidentally with bleached. This is for small areas or spots of bleach.

How to Clean Spilled Gasoline From Carpet?

Transporting a gasoline container filled with fuel can be hazardous if you don't take proper steps to ensure the gasoline does not spill onto your vehicle's carpet. One turn or bump will send an un... Read More »

How to Fix Paint Damage From a Gasoline Spill on a Motorcycle Tank?

While fixing bubbling paint from a gasoline spill is a relatively simple project, it should be done with some care. You will need to sand parts of the tank, causing heat and friction which may star... Read More »