How do you clean those hard to reach spots on your keyboard?

Answer Thin cloth with a little rubbing alcohol on it and a tooth pick. ~

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How do I clean hard to reach rust areas?

Cleaning InstructionsGather your cleaning materials: rust remover, a clean empty spray bottle, a pressure washer and a rust converter solution. Apply a rust remover solution; for hard-to-reach area... Read More »

How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows?

Hard water is a designation that means the Total Dissolved Solids (TSD) count in the water is very high. These solids are generally minerals like calcium and magnesium. They are a good way for peop... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Those White Spots on Your Nails?

Medically speaking, those little white marks that sometimes appear as dots or lines on the fingernail are known as leukonychia. There are several possible causes for the discoloration, but the most... Read More »

Did you ever notice those moving spots in your eyes when you look up at the sun or a light?

They're called vitreal floaters. As we age the vitreous (which is the jelly-like material inside the eye), starts to liquify, and as these little liquified spots pass over the retina, they cast sh... Read More »