How do you clean the dust out of a computer?

Answer I use "canned air" and give the computer a good "blow out" weekly.

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How to Clean Dust From a Computer Tower?

Over time, dust can build up inside a computer and can lead to overheating. Dust usually accumulates around the fan intake, where air is sucked into the computer from the room. This kind of dust bu... Read More »

How do I clean dust from back of computer?

Open the PC towerPower down the computer and remove all of the cables connected to the back of the tower. Place the tower on a flat surface and locate the case release lever. Press in on the lever ... Read More »

When are you coming over to clean the dust out of my computer?

Yeah, yeah, clean, dust, computer, where's the beer luv?

What tool is good to clean dust off my desk and my computer?

I use a can of compressed air and a Swifter duster. Of course, vacuum once in a while too.I buy my cans of compressed air off eBay as it's much cheaper then in the stores. I usually buy 6 cans at... Read More »