How do you clean the dust out of a computer?

Answer I use "canned air" and give the computer a good "blow out" weekly.

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How to Clean Dust From a Computer Tower?

Over time, dust can build up inside a computer and can lead to overheating. Dust usually accumulates around the fan intake, where air is sucked into the computer from the room. This kind of dust bu... Read More »

When are you coming over to clean the dust out of my computer?

Yeah, yeah, clean, dust, computer, where's the beer luv?

How do I clean dust from back of computer?

Open the PC towerPower down the computer and remove all of the cables connected to the back of the tower. Place the tower on a flat surface and locate the case release lever. Press in on the lever ... Read More »

If you were to clean your computer screen with a duster would there be any Dust?

No. Ihate even the slightest blemish on my monitor.