How do you clean insect spray off vinyl siding?

Answer Paint thinner and paper towels would work best.

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How do I spray clean vinyl siding?

Use a Garden HoseSet the nozzle of the sprayer attached to the garden hose to a medium setting. Turn on the water and stand 5 to 6 feet from the vinyl siding. Point the hose nozzle towards the top ... Read More »

How to Spray Clean Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is known for low cost and maintenance. Wood siding needs sealed annually and painted surfaces dull quickly. Eventually, however, vinyl siding needs to be cleaned to remove dirt and gri... Read More »

How do I remove insect repellent stains from vinyl siding?

Mineral SpiritsPut on a pair of protective gloves. Soak a soft, colorfast cloth in mineral spirits and rub the vinyl siding gently. Avoid applying heavy pressure while rubbing the mineral spirits.... Read More »

What does insect spray do to a spider (or an insect) when you spray it?

the majority of the sprays effect the nervous system...some interfere with the signal from the nerve to muscle, some interfere with the signal nerve to nerve. Actually there is a lot more to it th... Read More »