How do you clean duct tape adhesive off plastic?

Answer apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or use a pre soaked alcohol pad and rub on the sticky surface.

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How do I remove duct tape adhesive from clothing?

Remove duct tape residue from clothing by placing it on top of several paper towels and then pouring a little rubbing alcohol on the surface. Gently scrub the area with a soft brush, such as a nail... Read More »

Who invented masking tape&clear adhesive tape?

Richard Drew invented masking tape in 1925 while working as an employee of 3M, then a sandpaper manufacturing company. Drew became intrigued by automotive painters who couldn't mask painting surfac... Read More »

Is it safe to use duct tape in place of electrical tape?

Duct tape is not safe to use in place of electrical tape. Electrical tape is created so that it will not catch on fire when overheated. The fabric component of duct tape makes it more likely to bur... Read More »

Is duct tape stronger than packaging tape?

Duct tape is stronger than packing tape. Duct tape is a strong multipurpose-designed tape that resists water and is used for short- and long-term repairs. Packing tape is designed to be used for se... Read More »