How do you clean baby toys naturally?

Answer Opinion only:Vinegar and baking soda will clean baby toys naturally. To clean teethers and toys (including wooden toys), use a simple blend of 1 part water and 1 part distilled white vinegar. Put t... Read More »

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How to Clean Baby Toys?

Babies love toys and don't consider the dangers that exist when playing with things that may have been exposed to germs or other outside elements. Unless toys are cleaned properly and often, your c... Read More »

Gas on toys how to clean?

Which is worth more....your nephew or that doll?Throw the doll away. Maybe you can find another just like it and replace it, but nothing is going to get rid of the gas fumes and they are toxic.If ... Read More »

How do you clean dog toys?

Before you try to clean the dog toy, you need to gather some key things: a full sink of soapy waterthe dog toyautomatic hair dryer  To the Actual CleaningPut the dog toy in the sink of soapy water... Read More »

How to Make Baby Toys?

Sometimes baby toys can be £3.00 or more, and that's a lot when you have to buy lots of them, so making your own is a good option!