How do you clean an LCD flat screen tv?

Answer You want to make sure you are using something like a microfiber cloth, or at least something extra soft. They market many sprays that are screen safe, such as the Kensington spray. 3M sells the mic... Read More »

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What can I use to clean a flat screen television & flat screen computer monitor?

microfiber cloth....get it moist and wipe the screen.

What is the best thing to use to clean the screen of a flat screen TV?

No chemicals on electronics Nikky! A damp terrycloth followed by a dry terrycloth is all you need. Use a simple duster to dust the outside of the set.

How do I clean an LCD flat screen?

Select a CleanserSelect a cleaning agent such as plain water, water with a mild liquid soap, isopropyl alcohol, hexane or a glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Avoid cleansers that contain... Read More »

How do you a Clean a Flat Screen TV?

You can clean a flat screen TV by taking a dry soft cloth and wiping. Do not use water because it will leave marks on the screen.