How do you clean a dirty computer keyboard?

Answer On my computer keyboard, Once every two months I take the keys off my keyboard via using tweezers (the butt of the tweezers by digging under the key and pushing up). Then tap it upside down and ... Read More »

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Help! Do you know how to clean a computer keyboard - mine is so dirty - where do I start Any tips or advice?

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My computer screen is dirty what can you use to clean it?

Spray windex on a clean soft cloth and wipe the screen with it.

How can you clean dirty, grimy computer keyboards without ruining them Will soap & water short them out?

Use an alcohol swab or a Q-tip with alcohol on it. Turn your computer off first though. Make sure you don't use too much that it will run off the swab and into the keyboard. You can also use a to... Read More »

How to clean my computer keyboard?

Well the way I do it, is first to make sure I have some time on my hands. Then I pop all the key caps off, and lay them out in order so I don't forget where to put them back. Then I just clean ou... Read More »