How do you clean a big screen projection tv, without damaging it?

Answer Be more specific about what kind of projection TV. LCD, DLP, CRT, what? What specific model? How old is it? What parts do you think are dirty?Don't use Windex or anything else with ammonia on the p... Read More »

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Cleaning at imac screen without damaging it?

Cleaning a Mac is very simple. I use the same technique for my MacBook as I do my iMac. First, get a slightly damp cloth (a paper towel is fine), and wipe it along the plastic, etc around your iMac... Read More »

How do I clean a projection screen?

Matt White ScreenMix mild dish detergent liquid with warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the water mixture and wipe the projection screen. Do not apply too much pressure while wiping. Rinse the remai... Read More »

How to Clean an RCA Projection TV Screen?

Like most big-screen TVs, RCA projection models require regular care to keep them looking sharp. Projection screens often collect fingerprints, dust and other contaminants that interfere with viewi... Read More »

How to Clean the Screen On an RCA PFR 100 Front Projection TV?

The RCA PFR 100 is a 50-inch front projection TV the company manufactured in 1981 and has since discontinued. The PFR 100 projects light through three colored lenses onto an angled screen for viewi... Read More »