How do you chose a good camera?

Answer 1. First decide what you want the camera for: 2. decide what type of pictures you want to take 3. what type of camera features are required for this 4. what size camera you want (SLR? Compact? M... Read More »

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What DSLR camera to chose?

It is all about your choiceI LIKE the Canon, and have one :)A local photographer has the NikonSony.... hmmmSo, Canon or Nikon is my choice (Read Canon)

Want a starter professional SLR Camera, which to chose?

The Nikon D40 does not have "image stabilization" except for specialized and very expensive auxiliary Nikon lenses with the "VR" feature. Will you be content with only a normal Nikon 18-55 mm. len... Read More »

How do you chose the right camera for taking pictures of your children?

The only way to choose a camera is to experiment with a few different brands and models. The most expensive camera isn't always the best. With good photo editing software, any photos can be made to... Read More »

What's your or your children's after-class activitiesYou chose for them or they chose by themselves?

1.what's your or your children's after-class activities? Are they have something to do with school's study courses?(I mean, are they Maths, English, Chemistry,Physics,etc)**My daughter has done gym... Read More »