How do you choose a digital camera?

Answer It depends on quality, but it also very much depends on what features you are looking for. Some digital cameras have great zooms, others don't zoom as well. Some have quite a delay between the time... Read More »

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If you had 2 choose btween (a. a laptop or (b. an mp3 player and a digital camera which would u choose and y?

LAPTOPmost long lasting, and you would need one if you got a camera or mp3 player anyway so ... definately get one =]you lucky girl

How to Choose Your Digital Camera?

With more people are relying on digital photography than the more traditional kind of photography, the demand for newer and much efficient digital cameras are on the rise. This should also be expec... Read More »

How to Choose a Waterproof Digital Camera?

Choosing a great digital camera for outdoor activity is not easy. There are so many things that one needs to consider before making their choice. You cannot just go to a store or dealer and purchas... Read More »

How to Choose a Digital Video Camera?

We are living in a very technology driven society. Many people are now expanding from using old analog cameras to digital cameras and digital video cameras. Here are some guidelines to help you sor... Read More »