How do you child proof a house?

Answer Go to a baby store, they have TOO MUCH stuff :) Some basics -Electrical outlets should be covered -Toilets should be locked -ALL cabinets should be locked -Rubber or some sort of cover on ALL ... Read More »

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How can your child's father's mother get emergency temporary custody of your child with no proof of abuse or neglect or endangerment?

Answer To my knowledge, if a state agency is not involved because of negelct or abuse,your mother-in-law can get temporary custody if you go to family court and askthat she take temporary custody ... Read More »

How does someone get proof that a child was adopted so he can get child support terminated in Florida?

How to Rat Proof Your House?

Having rats in your house can be a serious problem for a home owner. Rodents carry harmful bacteria, can contaminate and consume food, and may damage wiring and pipes by chewing and building nests.... Read More »

How to Toddler Proof Your House?

When babies turn into toddlers they provide a whole new set of challenges for parents. This article will give you some tips about keeping your newly mobile toddler safe.