How do you check your cervix to see if it is high or low?

Answer Answer You first need to make sure you have clean, WARM hands. Its also a good idea to have short nails, or wear an examination glove. Using a small amount of lubricant, gently slide 1-2 fingers in... Read More »

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Can someone please explain to me how to check the position of your cervix?

Make sure your hands are very clean, the last thing you want is an infection, especially if you happen to get pregnant during that cycle :)When your cervix is high and soft like lips, then you are ... Read More »

What does it mean when your cervix is high wet and hard?

If your 12dpo with soft cervix n cervix looks a little blue and is open and egg white fluid are you pregnant?

Answer Unfortunately only a blood test can answer this accurately at this stage. Your cervix will be soft and open during vaginal discharge and you may be pregnant.Although I can't really improve o... Read More »

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have felt inside my cervix I think I'm just 2cm what does the cervix feel like is it ring shaped when will labor start I have mild period cramps?

Answer If you are not a doctor or midwife there is no way you should be feeling your cervix, you could easily introduce an infection which could be fatal to you and/or your baby. Keep your finger... Read More »