How do you check the processors speed of your iphone?

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What is the speed of AMD 64-bit processors?

According to the company, AMD 64-bit processors have a central processing unit clock rate, the measure of cycles per second, of one to 3.2 gigahertz (GHz). It also has the speed of 800 to 1000 mega... Read More »

Which of these is a measurement of speed in processors?

How Can I Check the Speed of My High Speed Cable Internet Connection?

There are numerous websites you can use to measure the speed of your Internet connection. These websites queue up a small file that your computer downloads (the file is safe and is deleted after th... Read More »

Mobile Processors Vs. Desktop Processors?

Mobile and desktop CPUs both serve the same essential purpose. They are the brain of a computer--sometimes a desktop PC, a laptop computer or a handheld device.