How do you check the pH of the land before you sow?

Answer Many garden supply or hardware stores sell pH test kits that are inexpensive and simple to use. You mix a small amount of soil with the supplied chemicals and compare the color with a scale. This w... Read More »

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How many months can somebody hang on to a check before that check is void?

Most US banks 'stale date' a check after 6 months. Check with your bank, but that usually means they will not honor it after that point.

Landlord or Slumlord: How to Check Them Out Before You Write a Check?

Throughout time, renters have often found themselves at the tender mercies of their landlords. You can help reduce the rental victim count by doing a little homework before spending your money on a... Read More »

How to Check the Reliability of a Land Surveyor in VA?

In Virginia, land surveyors must receive a license from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Clients often want to know if a potential service provider is reliable a... Read More »

How many Land Before Time movies are there?

There have been 13 "The Land Before Time" movies. The first was released in theaters, but the next 12 were released directly to video and DVD. A series based on the movie characters also is availab... Read More »