How do you check if an item is reported stolen?

Answer Ask the house owner

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How do you check if a phone has been reported lost or stolen on AT&T?

You'd ask the seller to provide you with an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) once getting that you'd call AT&T and explain to them that you are buying a phone from someone and you just wanted to make... Read More »

My X reported my phone stolen so I can't use it?

Forget the phone and get on with your life. The price of a new phone is minor compared to what it would have cost you had you remained involved with a petty manipulative creep.Don

What is the item most often stolen from hotel rooms?

Towels are the item guests most often steal from hotels, according to a survey of British hoteliers; Holiday Inn reports washcloths are the most stolen item. Few hotels prosecute for theft of small... Read More »

How come store scanners don't ring up when you walk through them with a stolen item?

Items that are tagged with the little iron and adhesive strips can trip the electromagnetic system by the doors. If said item was not tagged with one of these strips (or if the scanners themselves... Read More »