How do you check how much memory is left on your ipod touch?

Answer Go to Settings, then to General, then to About. In that list it shows the capacity of the iPod Touch and the memory that is left.

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How to Find out How Much Space Is Left on Your iPod Touch or iPhone?

Downloaded a bunch of songs, but what to know how much space you actually have left on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Follow these simple steps.

How do I check how much memory I have left on my computer?

Right click the task bar, select "Task Manager".Then in the "Performance Tab", there's a section called "Physical Memory" that includes available memory.BTW, it seems like half the people answering... Read More »

How Much Memory Does a Movie Take Up on an iPod Touch?

Movies can range in file size from 1 gigabyte to 3 gigabytes depending on the length of the movie. An iPod Touch can hold between 8 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes, up to 80 hours of video.Source:What ... Read More »

Does having more memory on your ipod touch make the battery last longer?