How do you charge a flip video camera?

Answer The battery in a Flip video camera is recharged via the USB connection while it is plugged into the computer - and the computer is switched on.

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If you plug in you flip video camera into your computer will it charge?

In most cases when you attach any electronic device to your computer using a USB cable, it IS so that it can charge. In many other cases you will be able to do more with this connection, such as tr... Read More »

Why won't my flip video camcorder charge?

the computer must stay on if u put it in the computer. in sleep mode or any other way it will not charge if u let it charge for 2 and a half hours and unplug it than plug it back in the red l... Read More »

How long does it take to charge a flip camera fully?

The quoted figures for the Flip Ultra HD are - up to 2.5 hours battery life and a 6 hour recharge time via USB. Different Flip cameras have different batteries. If your Flip has AA batteries these ... Read More »

How do you charge your flip camera without using a battery pack?

You can charge it from your computer just simply unlock the USB port that comes out from your camera and put it in the USB outlet in your computer you will have to wait a while but it is worth it. ... Read More »