How do you change your tumblr profile picture with tumblr's new layout?

Answer go to your to the word "Dashboard" is your blog name,click on will direct you to a different view.under the "open your blog" tab,there are "customize appearance" and a symbol S... Read More »

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How to change profile picture on tumblr?

Hey!To choose a profile picture on your Tumblr:Click the title of the blog you’d like to update at the top of your Dashboard or under the list icon at the top. Then click “Blog Settings” on t... Read More »

How do I change my profile picture on tumblr?

After logged into your Tumblr Account.Click and Go to your blog page linkThen to Blog SettingsIn the Portrait Photo you can now change your profile Picture.

I can't change my profile picture on Tumblr?

Seems that they're having technical difficulty and you should try again later.But you can try using a different browser, or saving the picture in a different form (GIF/JPG/PNG) if you are able to c... Read More »

10 points! How can you change your profile picture on facebook with an iphone?

Use the normal browser instead of the facebook app in the iphone i.e Safari.Go to facebook and click on the profile photo and change it.Go back to the Facebook App