How do you change your name on Facebook?

Answer At the top of the page, it says account on the blue part of the screen in the top right corner. click on it.It will bring you to a page that says Settings.Then it says, on the same page "Name" on t... Read More »

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How to Change Your Name on Facebook so People Can Search Your Maiden or Married Name?

So you got married, and now your name on Facebook doesn't relate to your new name.  This article will discuss how to change to your married name, and still be able to have people search for you un... Read More »

How can you change your Facebook name if you did not use your full name when you signed up?

hey,sign in the account on the top there is home,.....choose account and then there is change pass. change email change name click on it and then change ur name and make it fullhope it helps

How to Change Your Name on Facebook?

Changing your name on Facebook can be useful.

How do you change your last name in Facebook?

yep:1) click on "account" on the top right corner2) scroll down until you get to "change name"3) put in the full name you want to change it to4) click "change name" and your done =)5) they have to ... Read More »