How do you change your name on Facebook?

Answer At the top of the page, it says account on the blue part of the screen in the top right corner. click on it.It will bring you to a page that says Settings.Then it says, on the same page "Name" on t... Read More »

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How can I delete e-mails on gmail and how can I change my facebook settings so facebook dosen't e-mail me?

Using the same tab ou use to log out, go to account settings. Over to the left of the screen, there is a link called notifications. You can click that and uncheck what you don't want them to send y... Read More »

My facebook until now he conut op in because the number is mes tick i want to change, how i can i change that,?

How can I change facebook url/userid I changed it once before and now not been able to change?

you can change it only once - and as you said, you have already done it onceso you cant do it anymore

HOw to change my name in facebook help plz?

Click the 'down arrow' sign beside 'home' tab at the top right. Click account setting and in general you will see your name. Click edit then done.