How do you change your market settings on your Android?

Answer just open market and hit your menu button on phone. then click settings.

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What do you do if your android market wont load on your phone?

This must be the best website of its sort. Doesn't even need registration. You just login with your facebook account, and start downloading commenting etc... They don't spam your inbox either... s... Read More »

Why am I getting an install error unknown reason 18 on your apps from the android market on your mytouch 4g?

Not sure why its happening, however if you go into settings to applications to manage applications then go to the market, click it then clear the cache you should be good to go...

How can you manually update your android market on your g1?

Download the new Market .apk and adb push to your device. You must uninstall the previous version of the market beforehand. Hope this helps, search Google for adb if any further help is needed User... Read More »

How do you delete an app on android that blocks settings and market?