How do you change your last name in Facebook?

Answer yep:1) click on "account" on the top right corner2) scroll down until you get to "change name"3) put in the full name you want to change it to4) click "change name" and your done =)5) they have to ... Read More »

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How do I change my name on facebook I entered it without spelling my whole last name?

Edit one or two letter at a time over multiple edits. Sometimes Facebook will reject a name if you start adding all of them at the same time.

Your moms last name was isom before she got married last year and your dads last name is hutcheson does that make him your real dad?

disadvantages of an extended family is as follows:(a) young siblings will tend to adopt the bad habits older siblings or drinking. (b)envy or jealousy will tend to fami... Read More »

How to Change Your Name on Facebook so People Can Search Your Maiden or Married Name?

So you got married, and now your name on Facebook doesn't relate to your new name.  This article will discuss how to change to your married name, and still be able to have people search for you un... Read More »

How to Hide Your Last Name on Facebook?

Facebook unfortunately requires all users to include a first and last name for their profile. There is no requirement however on using your real names. This means that you can edit the last name se... Read More »