How do you change your birth year on facebook?

Answer Click on profile.Then click on info.Then scroll down to the very bottom of the info page.Click help in the lower right hand corner.Then in the search bar that pops up type how do i change my birth ... Read More »

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Can I change my birth year on Facebook?

Yes u can but u have to be on a computer or a laptop . mobile devices , iPod ,or iPad will not work !! Just go to settings and basic information or go to ur info the click edit

If mother remarries and stepfather adopts the child and they change the name on the birth certificate can they also change the date of birth?

Top ten films from the year of your birth?

hey! I was born in 1994. Great year for films, although I am yet to see Satan's Tango, but I really want to. Anyway, the top 10.1. Shawshank Redemption2. Ed Wood3. Natural born Killers4. Three Colo... Read More »

Can your boyfriend adopt your 16-year-old daughter and place his name on her birth certificate without the consent of the child's biological father?

AnswerThe biological father would have to voluntarily relinquish his rights or the court would have to terminate his parental rights to the minor child before the child could be adopted by anyone.F... Read More »