How do you change your Wikia avatar on mobile?

Answer On the bottom page click desktop then go to your profile and then go to edit hope this help :]

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How to change your wikia username?

Hey!You have to email their staff in order to change your username and you can only do it once.…Again if you wish to delete/disable/close your account on W... Read More »

How to Add or Change Your Avatar on Howrse?

For many people on howrse, they can't figure out how to add or change their avatar, and have to ask for help. Well, here's how you do it, without even asking!

How do you change your avatar on youtube?

That is your son's name? Adrien? That is so cool, that is a really nice name. very different I like it, nice choice girl! Anyways, I don't think you can change the name, cuz the name is the user na... Read More »

I forgot how do u change your avatar?

On your yahoo answers,click on the picture of your avatar.Then when your screen is loaded,click edit my info..When loaded,click edit my yahoo!avatar,and then you can change whatever you want.Make s... Read More »