How do you change wall plug?

Answer Answer Yes, you can purchase salt water generator or a salt water system. Intex has a salt water system specifically for blow up pools. Answer Yeah, add salt! Answer well and a Salt water gen... Read More »

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Can you make a car charger into a wall charger like i want to have my car have wall plug in's for a trip send me somewhere i can buy it plz?

Go to any electronic store like best buy. It should have a outlet converter

I've bought a 110v machine from USA, can I just change the plug and plug it straight into UK mains socket?

You need a transformer - 240v to 110 - and as for the idiot who said to buy a plug adapter - CAN I WATCH WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN PLEASE?

How do I wire a ceiling fan to plug into a wall?

Mount the FanMount the fan in its permanent location. Use an extension cord that is long enough to run from the ceiling fan to the receptacle on the wall.Connect the WiresRemove the receptacle end ... Read More »

Scanner USB powered vs Wall Plug?

Personally, I keep my laptop plugged into the mains, so the battery is always fully-charged. Therefore, it doesn't matter to me whether the scanner is USB or not - there is always enough power avai... Read More »