How do you change the settings on a iPhone from chineses to engling?

Answer Well,if you look at the back of the clone iphone,it will have some ridiculous name on the back like 'TVphone or Hiphone' and at the front,the fake iphone has smaller screen,and they are extremly la... Read More »

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How do you change the bluetooth settings on an iPhone 4?

Bluetooth is located in settings, under General. There should be a Bluetooth button between network and iTunes wifi sync.

How do you change your in app parental controls settings for iPhone 4S?

To enable Parental Controls - or Restrictions - click on Settings, then General and scroll down to Restrictions.Click on this and then Enable Restrictions. If this is the first time you have access... Read More »

Your iPhone up when you tried to update the software to iPhone 4 then you had to restore the iPhone to original factory settings and now it wont do that HELP?

How do i change the resolution settings on my PS3 from HDMI to AV cable?

Power off your PS3 from behind, then power it back on, wait about 20 seconds then hold down the reset button untill it turns off. Then power it back on using the button in the front, this will rese... Read More »