How do you change the screen brightness on your ipod nano?

Answer Go to setting on your iPod and find the brightness button. From there you can adjust the brightness on your iPod screen.

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How do you change the screen lock combination on an iPod Nano?

Plug your iPod into your computer with the cord then open iTunes. Goto to the bit in iTunes where you can see the iPods Summary then click restore. Start up your iPod goto screen lock and it will a... Read More »

How to Adjust Your iPod's Screen Brightness?

When you purchase an iPod, it comes with many default settings, including your screen brightness. You, however, can adjust your screen brightness. Whether you cannot see your screen, you want to sa... Read More »

I disconnected my Ipod nano when the screen still said"Do not disconnect", and the screen froze.What can I do?

when my iPod froze i just let the battery die and then i charged it and it worked again.just give it time :)oh, and next time read what it says on the ipod screen and click the "disconnect" button ... Read More »

How do I change a computer screen's brightness?

Desktop MonitorLook for a button, or several, usually located on the front or bottom of the monitor. If there is one button, press on the sides of the button to go up and down and make changes. If ... Read More »