How do you change the frequency of a remote control car?

Answer If it's a preassembled one you might not be able to, but the ones that come more as kits will usually let you replace the crystals that controls the frequency of both the transmitter and the receiver.

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How to Change the Frequency on a Pioneer Remote Control?

The Pioneer remote control is a device that works with Pioneer brand A/V receivers. The remote control lets the user change many radio settings. If you want to listen to a radio station, you need t... Read More »

Why is the 433 MHz frequency used for remote control applications?

Remote control employs a frequency modulation (FM) radio frequency of 433 MHz transmission that has a strength range of 400 mt outdoors or 200 meters indoors [ through a wall ] to operate any elect... Read More »

Lost remote garage door opener for Lynx how do you change the remote frequency?

I think I understand the problem, as it appears a lot of other people are asking the same question all over the internet. So, allow me to share my story: I recently bought a Klic2 from Clicker Prod... Read More »

Change to a frequency on a remote?

how do you change the frequency on the remotes for the epson projectors