How do you change the color of a comment box on microsoft word?

Answer On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Track Changes tab. Under Track Changes options, next to Color, click a color of your choice. Note: By default, Microsoft Word uses a different ... Read More »

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Microsoft Word Can't Change the Color of the Text?

Microsoft applications use a lot of memory. If you have several versions of Word open at the same time, you can experience problems with Word purging the memory upon exiting. When this occurs there... Read More »

How to Add a Comment in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word offers a comments feature that is helpful when editing a draft of a document. It allows you, or someone else, to comment on various parts of your document so that you can highlight t... Read More »

How to Use Comment Boxes in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word's Comments feature lets multiple authors communicate with each other about the text in a Word document. Used in conjunction with the Track Changes feature, an editor can explain to t... Read More »

How do i add custom color to microsoft word 2003?

Open Word 2003 and a document you want to have custom colors in. Using your mouse, highlight some text. Click on the "Font Color Button" on your toolbar (the button has a large letter A on it.) Whe... Read More »