How do you change colors of text bubbles on the iPhone 4?

Answer You cant

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Can you change the color of text message bubbles on a droid x?

No. You have to download apps such as, Go SMS or Handcent they are VERY customizable

How to Change the Color of Chat Bubbles on Your iPhone 4?

By default, the iPhone 4 does not allow for theme customization. You are stuck with the typical colored chat bubbles unless you have a jailbroken iPhone. With a jailbroken phone you can customize t... Read More »

How do you change your text alert for the iphone 4?

Yes, it clocks in at .44" thick and is the thinnest smartphone in the world. However it is not the thinnest phone

How do you change your text ringtone on iphone 4?

No software is required to use Facetime on the iPhone 4. It is required that you be on a WiFi connection. Facetime can only be done from one iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4.If you are using Facetime o... Read More »