How do you change battery from iPad 2?

Answer $250 to $300

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Can you buy a new battery for your iPad 2?

yes at the apple store get an external battery for your iPad 2 may be the right choice, like mophie, mili, etc.

How Many mAh Are in an iPad Battery?

At the time of publication, the iPad 2 is the current version of the popular tablet computer and is powered by a standard lithium-polymer battery that, when fully charged, holds 6,930 milliamp hour... Read More »

Can you change an IPad with only wi-fi to having wi-fi and 3G without buying a new IPad?

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Does the iPad 2 have a removable battery?

Depends on your definition of removable, you can remove it, just not as easily as most devices, instead of there being a screw to take out or a button to press, you actually need to work yourself i... Read More »