How do you change batteries in Energizer Hard case flashlight model TUF421WBE?

Answer Ah...I was hoping I would find out how to get those batteries in there. I was unscrewing screws and trying how to pry that part off. Never thought of it being able to unscrew. No directions an... Read More »

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How long do Energizer batteries last in a flashlight?

While battery life ultimately depends on how often it's used, Energizer states that their alkaline batteries have a seven-year shelf-life. This means an emergency flashlight won't need new batterie... Read More »

What battery last longest in a flashlight Duracell or energizer?

it would be duracell because i did a experiment on it for my science fair project.

Is it possible to replace rechargeable stinger flashlight batteries with regular batteries?

According to Streamlight, the manufacturer of Stinger flashlights, you cannot put regular batteries in a Stinger flashlight. Each flashlight comes with a specific type of rechargeable batteries tha... Read More »

Are Energizer batteries alkaline?

Energizer manufactures both alkaline and lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries are suitable for everyday items, such as flashlights, smoke detectors and television remote controls. Longer-lasting l... Read More »