How do you change back the language in Skype?

Answer What error you get.??Are you using new version of Skype..??I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall a new version of skype :)On the Skype menu bar, click on the Tools. Then the Change language on ... Read More »

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How do you change the language on Skype?

On my version of Skype (most current 3.8.something), you would do this:click on toolsclick on optionsin the General settings, there is a box for "set program language to:"Now if it's all in Polish.... Read More »

How to change the language back to English on youtube?

on the bottom of the page there is a language change option

What language is Skype written in?

Skype is computer software that allows users to conduct voice calls through the Internet. Its code written in different languages, depending on the operating system. Skype is written in CodeGear De... Read More »

How to Change the Language in Rosetta Stone After the First Language is Installed?

Named for the stone tablet that provided the key to ancient Egyptian languages, Rosetta Stone software is a popular program designed to make learning foreign languages easier. The program offers 28... Read More »