How do you change a document when you scan it in a pdf?

Answer you can do so online quickly, without downloading any software. click upoad your scanned document, convert to doc or rtf or text formats and then make change... Read More »

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How do I change a document that I scan into a Word doc. ?

You need OCR (optical character reader) that can read scan document, make out text in it and allow you to edit it...Should be available as add-on software that came with your canon scanner.http://w... Read More »

How do I scan a document, change it and then print the new doc. I have a HP psc 2100?

you scan and move the doc to Microsoft paint and then cut the text insert a text box and type the new stuff then print

Is there a program that reads the scan documents and let you change the words on the document?

The program is Called FineReader. It recognizes the text and allows to convert images to office docs, where you'll be able to edit them.

I have a document. How can I scan and save that document for future corrections in doc.form?

You google:"scanning in text format"and find you need an optical character recognition software or may be able to convert the pdf, but since scanned images are pictures, that is more difficult as i... Read More »