How do you change Camera Source in Windows XP?

Answer Check out these. Start,all programs,accessories,communications,new connection wizard. And if that s no help do samje thing up to communications and go to bottom of list scanner and camera wizard... Read More »

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How to Run a Free and Open Source OS on a Windows PC?

If you're tired of your plain old operating system (commonly abbrieviated to OS), there's a fairly simple, beginner-friendly way to change the OS.

Possible to stream video straight from its source to a digital camera for recording?

I would be very surprised if there was a way. Normally the source has to talk with software on a computer to be displayed and recorded. A camera doesn't have this software. So why not just downl... Read More »

Can I create a Windows XP rescue disk from an online source?

In the event of a damaged registry or lost boot file on Windows XP you can download a System Rescue CD to rescue your computer. This CD will boot your Windows XP computer into a Linux environment a... Read More »

My fine pix S602Zoom camera is not compatable with my new windows 8 laptop. Do I need to buy a new camera?

Go to the camera site and see if it has a downloadable update.Since Windows 8 is fairly new you might need a software patch to be able to use it.I had the same thing with my Alienware laptop. Upgra... Read More »