Can you catch the common cold in a hot country like Egypt, or is it just us all year round cold countries?

Answer You can catch the common cold at anytime of the year and in any kind of environment. They call it a "Summer Cold" when you catch it in the Summer, but it is no different to the ones you catch in Wi... Read More »

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Can I really catch a cold by being in the cold?

no you can't. You only catch a cold by coming in contact with a virus.

Do you catch a cold from someone else or is it from being out in the cold?

you can catch a cold directly from someone or from the air outdoors

Can you catch a cold sore?

On One Hand: Cold Sores Are ContagiousCold sores--also called fever blisters and oral herpes--are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. Symptoms involve painful, red sores on the lips, cheeks,... Read More »

Weird way to catch a cold?