How do you care for potted basil?

Answer Water only when the soil is dry, put it near a window so it can get lots of sunlight, and remember if you pick leaves frequently, more will grow back and you will have a bigger, healthier plant.

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How do I care for potted palms?

PlantingPlant the palm in a sturdy container with at least one drainage hole in the bottom. Fill the container with a mixture of one part commercial potting soil and one part sand.SunlightPlace the... Read More »

How do I care for potted cypress trees?

LocationPlace the potted cypress in a location where it will get sunlight. Place it outside If you live in a temperate climate where there are no extreme variations in temperature. Keep the cypress... Read More »

How do I care for indoor potted palms?

Growing ConditionsPlace your palm where it will receive bright, natural light all year, because palms do not tolerate low light levels, according to the University of Minnesota Extension. Keep your... Read More »

How do you take care of potted herbs?

Answer Potted herbs are quite easy to grow, as long as you have plenty of light, water them as required (check a good herb book, or the plant info tag, for specifics) and remember to fertilize them... Read More »