How do you care for a gardenia plant?

Answer A gardenia is an evergreen acid loving plant. If you plan to keep it indoors, then be prepared to give it afternoon partial sun. It likes the fertilizer for azalias and rhododendrons, and doesn't l... Read More »

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How do I care for a gardenia plant?

PlantingProvide a partly shady location out of midday sun for your gardenia plant. If you plant it in the ground, provide a location with well-draining, composted soil. If you're growing a gardenia... Read More »

How do you care for Gardenia plant with yellowing leaves?

Either it's not getting enough water, or it doesn't have enough acid fertilizer.Lack of water of fertilizer will cause yellowing leaves.

How to Plant a Gardenia?

Gardenias with their pretty white and intensely fragrant flowers can be planted in the garden in plant zones 7 and up. Some varieties are hardier than others. With a little special care some garden... Read More »

How to Care for a Gardenia?

Gardenias are beautiful plants and once they're established, the gardenia lover is keen to keep them happy. Here is what to do to maintain and care for your gardenia plants.