How do you care for a cyclamen plant?

Answer When leaves are present, the plant is actively growing. Water whenever the soil feels dry. Avoid getting water on the crown of the plant. As the flowers begin to fade, gradually allow the plant to ... Read More »

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Is cyclamen an annual or periannual plant?

According to the National Gardening Association, cyclamen is an annual plant that will continue flowering in temperatures of 45 degrees F or more. It is typically grown as a houseplant but can be g... Read More »

Is cyclamen an annual or perennial plant?

These Mediterranean beauties are often mistakenly thrown away when they go dormant in the summer. The leaves turn yellow and dry out, leaving only the nourishing tubers, which keep the plant alive.... Read More »

Is the cyclamen plant poisonous to cats?

according to this website,yes:

The Propagation of Cyclamen & Begonias?

There are many methods of starting new plants, but some plants only respond to certain methods. Such is the case with both cyclamen and begonia. Cyclamen is particularly difficult to propagate, eve... Read More »