How do you care for a blood orange tree?

Answer How do I care for blood oranges? Well... In my house I care for them very much.

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How to Care for a Blood Orange Tree?

Blood orange trees grow best in warm climates but can be grown in containers in cooler regions so that they can be moved indoors. The fruit produced by a blood orange tree ranges from orange to red... Read More »

How to Care for a Mandarin Orange Tree?

Citrus reticulata trees, also known as mandarin orange trees, are willowy citrus trees that produce easy-to-peel and exceptionally sweet citrus fruit. Native to the Philippines and southeastern Asi... Read More »

How to Care for an Orange Tree in the Winter?

Orange trees are accustomed to a warm climate. During the winter, they may need extra care to prevent frost damage and to ensure a plentiful crop of oranges when the warm weather returns. Whether y... Read More »

Orange Tree Sponge Care?

Orange tree sponges (Ptilocaulis sp.) are not common sponges. They live in the Caribbean, Bahamas and occasionally Florida in 40- to 80-foot deep water usually near the tops of coral reefs along oc... Read More »