How do you care for Strawberry plants in winter?

Answer ANSWER: Add a few inches of mulch to protect the roots. You can also gather all the sisters or babies and place them into a mound to promote faster growth in the spring. Whenever sun appears,make ... Read More »

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How do I store strawberry plants over the winter.?

I have never grew strawberries but just might this year. I have lettuce, spring onion's, red pepper, green peppers and cucumbers growing at the moment.

Can strawberry plants be mowed off before winter mulching?

By all means, mow them! Iit will not hurt them as the new 'berry plants' come from root runners under the ground or shoots as some people call them.

How do I care for strawberry plants in containers?

Blossom RemovalAllow the plant to get established by pinching off or cutting all blossoms on the ever bearing or day-neutral plants during the six-week period after planting. This allows the plant ... Read More »

How do I care for hibiscus plants in the winter?

Determine the Type of HibiscusDetermine if the plant is a tropical hibiscus or a hardy hibiscus. Unlike tropical hibiscus plants, hardy hibiscus are able to withstand cold winters, so no extra care... Read More »