How do you cancel a auto policy with allstate?

Answer You call them up, fax them or write them a letter and cancel your policy let them know the date you want it cancelled and don't pay beyond that date.

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Can a person cancel an auto insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?

Can an auto insurance company cancel your policy after reviewing your credit report?

Answer They usually can't cancel a policy due to credit. The rates can go WAY up though!

If an auto policy is canceled due to nonpayment how long you can be without auto insurance without being penalized for being terminated?

AnswerIn my state Michigan its usually about 6 months, but i would get insured before the experation date on your proofsincase the new isurance agency wants to see proof

If your ex-husband insures your son on his auto insurance policy do you also need to put your son on your policy?

Answer Most likely not. Your son should be listed on the policy that has the vehicle that he is most likely to drive.