How do you cancel a Media Com 2 year plan without cost to change to Direct TV?

Answer DirecTV is its own company. The President/Chairman/CEO of the company is currently Michael White.

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What happens after the 3 year plan with an iPhone so does a person have to return the phone back or can keep it and get another plan and is the 3 year plan just a rental cost or is it permanent?

How much doe an iphone 4 cost with 2 year plan?

Try holding down the button on the top of the Iphone and the one at the bottom. Press them in together until the phone switches off and then it shout reboot itself. Or if your phone is dead and won... Read More »

How do you get an iPhone 3g for att without getting a new 2 year plan?

i can answer that question... go to look under electroincs.. type iphone 3g under search.. they pop up.. no contract needed... and they're unlocked.. .. kinda pricey.. but you may ... Read More »

How much does an iPhone cost by itself without a selected plan?