How do you calm a baby down?

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How to Calm a Baby?

From the very moment they arrive, babies communicate with us in the only way they possibly can, by crying. It is up to the care giver to figure out what is causing the baby distress. Sometimes we k... Read More »

How to Calm a Fussy Baby?

Do you spend hours trying to get your baby to sleep? Then once she finally does get to sleep she wakes up crying a short while later?Crying is your baby’s only method of communication and althoug... Read More »

How to Keep a Fussy Baby Calm?

When a baby starts to cry for no apparent reason, it can be hard to know just how to comfort him. First, make sure the baby is not wet or hungry. If neither of those problems is the case, try sooth... Read More »

How to Calm a Croupy Baby?

A sharp, raspy cough that sounds similar to the barking of a seal is an indication that your baby has croup, a viral infection that typically affects children younger than six. The barking cough is... Read More »