How do you call wife maternal uncle daughter?

Answer In everyday conversation, you would simply say, "My wife's cousin."To be more formal, you might say, "first cousin-in-law."

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What to call your maternal uncle's daughter?

Your uncle's daughter is your first cousin. In the English language, it does not matter whether the uncle is a maternal uncle or a paternal uncle. All the children of your aunts and uncles are your... Read More »

Uncle died without making will. Who is now owner of property. Is his wife,daughter in law or grand son.?

Wife gets all. Daughter in law & grandson get nothing unless they hire a lawyer to challange, and that could cost a fortune and still gain them nothing.

What is the 1st cousin 14x removed of the wife of the 15th great grand uncle of the wife of your grand uncle to you?

Since the ancestors of your great uncle's wife are not related to you, the first cousin 14 times removed of the wife of her 15th great grand uncle is not related to you, nor you to him.

Would your brothers son call you uncle?

Yes, your brother's son would refer to you as his uncle, and you would refer to him as your nephew.