How do you call over 75 percent of Australia?

Answer You can't.

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With time warner it costs $.08/minute to call Australia on a land line. To call a mobile phone is $1.55 why?

there all like that....I use my calling card for that reason...its still a little cheaper, even cell-phones....I guess there have to pay all kind of are the fees I pay...Australia61$0.... Read More »

How to Call Australia?

Trying to contact a friend or relative Down Under? No worries, mate. Placing a phone call to Australia from anywhere in the world is quick and easy if you have an understanding of the international... Read More »

How do I make an international call to Australia?

Dial the International Dialing CodeDial the international dialing code for the country that you are calling from. In the United States, this code is 011.Dial the Country CodeDial the country code f... Read More »

How do I dial an international call to Australia?

Reaching AustraliaPick up the phone and dial "011." This is the code for an international call. Follow that by dialing "61." That's the country code for Australia.Area CodeDial the area code, which... Read More »